Final Fantasy 16 Is An Ambitious, More Mature Entry In The Series, Says Producer

Final Fantasy 16 Is An Ambitious, More Mature Entry In The Series, Says Producer

The Final Fantasy franchise is fighting fit in a way it hasn’t been for quite some time. Final Fantasy XIV underwent a huge revitalization that took it from a floundering MMO to one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved games in the genre. Final Fantasy VII Remake, meanwhile, defied expectations and delivered an incredibly strong, modernized version of the iconic Japanese role-playing classic.

Now, Square Enix looks to be making some smart moves to ensure Final Fantasy continues to shine while in the spotlight. The recently revealed Crisis Core Reunion is set to take the much-loved but oft-forgotten PSP spin-off of Final Fantasy 7 and bring it to modern platforms for a new generation to experience. And a trailer for Rebirth, the second part in the Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy, looks to be continuing the bold reimagining of the original’s story.

Perhaps most exciting is Final Fantasy XVI, the next installment in the mainline Final Fantasy series. Little is known about the game and, instead, much of the excitement around it is tied to its creative team. Director Hiroshi Takai has worked on a number of Saga titles, as well as The Last Remnant. Writer Kazutoyo Maehiro, meanwhile, has previously been involved with Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, and Vagrant Story.

Much of the attention, however, has been focused on Final Fantasy XVI’s producer Naoki Yoshida, who is credited for the successful salvaging of Final Fantasy XIV. The positive response to his involvement is unsurprising considering there is resounding agreement that Final Fantasy XIV’s narrative and characterization are incredible. Naturally, expectations are high for what this creative team can do for Final Fantasy XVI and, following the debut of the game’s latest trailer, we talked to Yoshida-san about what players can expect in terms of gameplay, narrative themes, and more.